Why I quit Facebook & Instagram

Greetings from Granada, Spain, where...

You get a free tapa with every drink order.

You're surrounded by hills covered with old (in the good way) walls and whitewashed houses. 

You constantly gape at the architectural wonder known as the Alhambra, which crowns the city like a 13th-century cake topper. (If you want to see the inside, buy tickets way ahead of time!) 

It's been a lovely month here. Granada is, in my mind, the perfect size for a digital nomad base: plenty to do, but not so much (ie: Paris) that you feel guilty any time you’re not SEIZING EVERY MINUIT.

In fact, we haven't done a whole lot in Granada, and that's been the beauty of it. We've mostly spent our time wandering around the narrow streets, relaxing on outdoor patios with 2€ wine and free tapas, sniffing the air because lilacs and Seville orange blossoms have draped themselves over every available wall and corner and it smells like Bath & Body Works wherever you go, and buying bread and cheese from tiny specialty shops because it makes us feel super European.

By the time you get this, we'll have left paella and Moorish buildings and snow-capped peaks behind, and will be in Crete, where we're meeting up with one of my best friends for 10 days of adventure in a Fiat Panda (or similar). We're really hoping it's black and white…

After that, we've switched up our 12-countries-in-12-months schedule a bit, and have rented the cutest stone house (!) on a Croatian island (!) for the month of May. I have wanted to visit Croatia forever, and am so happy to finally make it there. We're visiting King's Landing beforehand, so if you have any tips, please send 'em our way! 

Ear/eye candy of the month

I’ve been listening to a lot of Spanish guitar while I work because I’m cliche like that.

Here’s a tune to get you going:

Then there’s this photo, which encapsulates everything I've enjoyed about Granada: flowers, old buildings, mountains, and quaint hillside homes. (Plus it reminds me of one of my favorite babies, whose middle name is Iris, and who just turned four months old. Hi Baby A!)

On the blog

I went in-depth on my decision to quit Facebook and Instagram

As you'll see, at the root of it all is the Annie Dillard quote: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Interested in this topic? At the bottom of the post, I included a helpful list of other articles, podcasts, and books where you can learn more about digital addiction. Would love to hear your thoughts on this issue — just click reply to chat! 

Other things I did this month

What I'm reading/listening/watching

What do you think of the new newsletter format? Anything you'd like me to add/change/never do again? I'm all ears! Thanks, as always, for being here. 



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