welcome to 12 things

what i'm writing + what i'm obsessing over

Hi, and welcome to the latest incarnation of my newsletter!

As the name suggests, it’s going to feature 12 things I’ve either been working on or obsessing over. And that’s it. Maybe sometimes I won’t even include any rambling introductory commentary (you should be so lucky).

By refreshing this newsletter’s format, I’m trying to A) keep you on your toes, and B) make it easier for me to send out on a monthlyish basis. Since, let’s be real, I haven’t always been great at that in the past.

Also appearing in this newsletter will be a photo of my dog, Mochi, because what is the world without cute dog photos.

Ok let’s give this a go!

  1. For NYT Climate, I wrote about the environmental impact of heaters and fire pits, getting climate change into schools, Earth Overshoot Day, and more

  2. Reported on the merits of feeding your dog bugs to prevent climate change for Mic [TL;DR: If dogs and cats were their own country, they’d rank fifth in worldwide meat consumption. Bug-based dog food is one way to cut down on their pawprint (aw) but for some reason crickets are still very $$$.]

  3. The You’re Wrong About podcast: not only the Princess Di episodeseveryone loves those — but the two-part series on the real life story behind NEWSIES

  4. Breath by James Nestor completely changed the way I view something I’ve been doing every second of every day of my life

  5. This flavorful peanut stew over brown rice

  6. Caamp (esp this song)

  7. DownDog Yoga’s easily adaptable quick flows (it’s only $14.99 for the year right now!)

  8. How We Fight For Our Lives by Saeed Jones, an incredibly written look at growing up Black and gay in America

  9. I got Tyler a Tushy Spa bidet for his birthday, and it was def my best pandemic purchase (Wirecutter also recommends a much cheaper alternative if you don’t live in Wisconsin and can stand cold water on your bum)

  10. The bridge dog

  11. Anne Helen Peterson’s newsletter offers such insightful cultural commentary; this one on vacation moms hit home

  12. If your eyes are dying from all the screen time, try the free Pomy app