A light exists in spring

As do gooey cinnamon squares

Hi hi,

It was 60 degrees in Madison yesterday, and though I know the temperature is just a tease, I hope the spring feelings it brought are not. With more and more friends and family members getting vaccinated, the tunnel’s light is starting to shine brighter. And I am starting to let myself dream about summer reunions, maskless BBQs, indoor dinners, and so many hugs.

“A Light exists in Spring
Not present on the Year
At any other period —
When March is scarcely here”

~ Excerpt from Emily Dickinson’s A Light exists in Spring

PS. If you see vaccine appointments available at Walgreens — but can’t get one — try calling your local store, pressing 1, and using the automated system. I’ve had good luck getting others appointments this way!

  1. My story on climate anxiety (weakness? or superpower?) in the NYT

  2. Madison County kid done good: Svante Myrick, mayor of Ithaca, is featured in GQ for his ambitious police reform plan

  3. This list of books to buy a grieving friend from Katie Hawkins-Gaar, who also writes a lovely newsletter on grief

  4. Basic income! It works! (BTW Lowrey’s book is a good primer, too)

  5. I did a sugar cleanse last month and Smitten Kitchen’s gooey cinnamon squares were all I could think about

  6. These very affordable, very soft sheets (which I discovered after asking this dreamy hostel in Puerto Rico where their sheets were from — was very surprised when they said Costco!)

  7. “In this three-by-three-metre box, with little more furniture than a bed, desk and chair, Kim kept confined for close to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year – eating and smoking and staring at his computer screen.” My friend Ann’s recent WIRED story on hikikomori, people who withdraw from society for years and years

  8. Schitt’s Creek, a charming, lol-filled delight of a show

  9. “You know what I miss, is, like, those night restaurants that served alcohol. What were those called?” Late-stage pandemic is messing with your brain

  10. Storyworth, perhaps the coolest gift for an older relative (that’s also a gift to you and generations to come). I’m obsessed with StoryCorps, too; you’ll never regret having people’s life stories told in their own voices

  11. “What may have gone unnoticed was his capacity to delight in the simplest things… especially given how much of the world he had seen and tasted.” What it was like to eat with Anthony Bourdain + my 2018 tribute to him

  12. Laura Olin’s wonderful newsletter, which was the inspiration for this new numbered format

xoxo Susan